Trysilbygg Barley

The seed for this variety was sent to me from a homestead farm near Lillehammer Norway. Trysilbygg is a very old Norwegian barley that most likely dates back to the time of the Vikings and possibly earlier. It is a spring planted, six row cultivar with a hull. It can be milled to make a flour or used as animal feed and fodder. I am not sure about its malting quality but it would surprise me if it did not make a tasty ale.

I planted on March 24th and harvested at the beginning of July (approximately 100 days). The plants are fairly tall at 40″ with strong stalks. It appears to be somewhat lodge resistant but I would advise adding support in areas that experience heavy rainfall in the spring. The plants were very healthy and had no issues with disease. There was a bed of spring planted wheat beside the Trysilbygg that was heavily infected with rust (I had to pull and burn the wheat). The Trysilbygg was not affected.

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