Marano Italian Flint Corn

The original seed for this flint corn was sent to me from Italy in 2016. Called “Marano Vicentino”, it is a heritage variety from the Veneto region of northeast Italy. While I am pleased to be able to offer this corn here in the Midwest, I am also respectful of the terroir (how a particular region’s climate, soils and terrain affect the taste and quality) associated with this variety. In Italy, many heritage corn varieties are named by their  association with a particular region, very similar to how wine is considered in France. In Italy, Marano corn is produced exclusively in the Leogra valley and the foothills of the Province of Vicenza. The flour must be made exclusively from the Marano Vicentino variety and processed in Marano Vicentino, or the foothills of northern Vicenza. The Veneto region is also close to where the now famous Floriani corn originated.

Marano Vicentino is considered to be one of the very best varieties for making Polenta. It was bred in 1890 by a local farmer, Antonio Fioretti, who crossed 2 local varieties “Nastrano” and “Pignoletto d’oro”.

The plants grew 7′ tall and each produced 2 nice ears with either red or orange kernels. It matures in 110 – 115 days. Keep in mind that Italian corns can be susceptible to rust here in the US.

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