Gaspe’ Flint Corn (ALSF strain)

This is an alternate strain of Gaspe’ that was sent to me in 2016. It was sourced in the late 1990’s from the Abundant Life Seed Foundation, prior to their catastrophic fire in 2003. The seed was grown out in 2002 and then stored in a freezer. The grower contacted me and suggested a swap of this ALSF Gaspe’ for some of my current strain from BC Canada. I am continually seeking new sources for this rare and wonderful corn which I believe has suffered somewhat from inbreeding depression. I am hoping to have another strain from the Gaspe’ Peninsula for my 2018 trials.

This ALSF strain grew similar to the Gaspe’ I have been growing since 2015.  There were some minor differences though. While still extremely short, reaching an average height of 2 1/2 feet, the ALSF produced more tillers (up to 5  and 6 on some plants, and many with silks and ears). I harvested 5 ears from one plant with mature kernels although three of the ears were mere nubbins. The ALSF Gaspe’ was also 10 days later to tassel, set silks and mature than the other Gaspe’. The third difference was in the ears themselves. The ALSF Gaspe’ ears were slightly longer and more conical than my strain. See photo below.

The ALSF Gaspe’ is on the right, my BC Canada strain on the left.

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