Regional Seed Libraries, Seed Banks and Seed Swaps




  • Seed Brown County

I went to a seed swap they put on October 2016 in Nashville, Indiana. It was a great time and they had Ben Cohen from Central Michigan Seed Swap, and Joseph Simcox (The Botanical Explorer) as speakers. They were handing out rare seed like candy at a parade! They also host workshops, presentations and have a community seed library.




  • Central Michigan Seed Swap

I met Ben Cohen at the Brown County seed swap. He spends a lot of energy going around to help folks start seed libraries in their communities. He is also working with Joseph Simcox for the Gardens Across America project. They are having their 3rd annual seed swap on February 26th 2017 at Midland Michigan. Seed to share, fun presentations and workshops!


  • Southeast Michigan Seed Savers




  • The Ohio Valley Seed Swap



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