Ready To Take Orders for the 2017 Growing Season!

img_9416As I sit here typing this, outside, we are having the first snow of the season. The cold weather has been a little later than normal, and a lot like getting my website updated with all the new seed varieties for the coming season, 2017. I grew out a large number of new crops as trials this season, like lentils and a number of heritage and ancient wheat varieties. They did so well that I have enough seed to offer some to interested customers. A number of these new crops are not “tried and true” cultivars for my region, here in the Midwest, but I believe they are important enough to make available. I have added specific information to each crop’s corresponding page, listing them as “for preservation purposes”.

I have also added a number of new crops that are indigenous to the north, like Potawatomi Pole Beans and Potawatomi Rabbit Beans, as well as Mskigwat Flint Corn and Darwin John Flint Corn. These are already well acclimated to our growing conditions here in Northern Indiana. All are heirloom varieties from historical Native American farmers here in the upper Midwest and New England.

I have also added 6 new varieties of rice from Japan, China and Italy. The two cultivars img_8789from Italy, Loto and Vialone, are both “risotto type” rice. All six of these performed superbly. I also have a rice variety, Hayayuki, suited for growing in zone 4!

These are just a few of the new offerings for this season, as well the best of the previous seasons, like Kwintus Beans and Styrian Pumpkins, to name just a few. It has been a real stretch on my time and sanity to add this much new material, but I believe it was well worth it. All of this years crops produced great under difficult weather conditions. We had a 2 month drought in the spring, followed by one of the wettest summers on record. Overall, it is a real testament to the resilience of these heirloom and heritage, open-pollinated crops!

John Sherck

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6 Responses to Ready To Take Orders for the 2017 Growing Season!

  1. Pamela Weishaupt says:

    John. Hello. I would like to order the pumpkin and am wondering about the new beeans you wrote about. I don’t see them in the seeds for sale listing.

  2. John Griffin says:

    Just entered my ’17 order and want you to know how much I appreciate your handling such small amounts for people like me. Since last summer, “Kwintus” and “Cosmonaut” are staple words at this house. The only negative part of my experience with them is that the tomatoes were so prolific that they crushed five of seven of my baskets!

  3. Rick Davis says:

    I am looking for a grain sorghum that would make a good bread flour. What do you recommend?

    • John Sherck says:

      Hello Rick,
      I have never made bread from sorghum, but I have made tortillas. All of the varieties I grow are considered “grain sorghum”.
      White Milo and Ba-Yi-Qi are straight grain varieties. Dale is multi-purpose, and makes tasty grain (that is the one I used to make tortillas),
      and syrup from the pressed stalks. Allu Jola and Nerum Boer are both grain sorghum varieties, but specifically bred for “popping”. Nerum Boer
      has a high brix content and is also suitable for making syrup from the stalks.

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