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Reference and Research

  SMALL SCALE STAPLE CROP PRODUCTION   Island Grains   The Sustainable Smallholding   “Sustainable Grains”   Small Scale Grain and Pulse Production   2 Part Video on Small Scale Wheat Growing   Dr. Elaine Ingham,  Soil Food … Continue reading

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Traditional Tools and Technology

Here are some resources for equipment “appropriate in scale” for the small grain and bean grower. I have spent many hours researching inexpensive tools and equipment for harvesting, threshing, dehulling and cleaning seed crops like wheat, rice, peanuts, etc. What I … Continue reading

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Regional Seed Libraries, Seed Banks and Seed Swaps

  INDIANA   Seed Brown County I went to a seed swap they put on October 2016 in Nashville, Indiana. It was a great time and they had Ben Cohen from Central Michigan Seed Swap, and Joseph Simcox (The Botanical … Continue reading

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Seed Preservation Organizations and Groups

Here is a list of organizations and groups dedicated to seed preservation and biodiversity. This is a small list, but these are sources that I have dealt with personally over the years. I can attest to their quality of intent … Continue reading

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Ready To Take Orders for the 2017 Growing Season!

As I sit here typing this, outside, we are having the first snow of the season. The cold weather has been a little later than normal, and a lot like getting my website updated with all the new seed varieties for the … Continue reading

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Guatemalan Yellow Bean

This heirloom from Guatemala is a half-runner bush bean. The beans can be eaten as a green bean or allowed to mature and harvested as a dry bean. The flavor is rich and the texture is creamy. I obtained my seed … Continue reading

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Beefy Resilient Grex

This bean came to my attention a couple of years ago. It is the breeding work of Carol Deppe; a cross between Black Mitla (a common bean, Vulgaris, and not a tepary as some have reported) and Gaucho.  A grex is … Continue reading

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Good Mother Stallard

  Another attempt at a quality pole bean for the north. These did fairly well, but, I had some issues with moldy beans in the pods once the summer rains hit. The first half of the harvest was very good. The … Continue reading

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Black Kabouli Garbanzo Bean

Cicer arietinum This variety of garbanzo bean (also known as chick peas) has performed very well here in northern Indiana. Black Kabouli was developed at Washington State University. It produces quite early and is tolerant of light frosts and cold soil. The plants … Continue reading

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Alabama Black Eye Butterbean

This rare heirloom lima bean was sent to from a grower in Alabama. I grew these in an area that stayed extremely wet into late summer, due to the excess of heavy rains. Even with wet feet, the plants were vigorous and disease … Continue reading

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