Spring Tomato and Pepper Plants

I am ready to begin offering my heirloom tomato and pepper plants at our roadside stand IMG_4756starting this upcoming weekend. I have 70 varieties of tomatoes and about 30 different pepper varieties, both sweet and hot. I have added a number of new and RARE varietals like the Bali tomato from Indonesia, Brazillian Beauty tomato and the Tatar of Mongolstan, to name but a few. I also have a nice collection of new “black” tomatoes, including Black Cherry,  renowned  for rich, complex flavor! In the pepper department, I have a great collection of Native American peppers from the Southwest and Northern Mexico: Negro De Valle, Cochiti and Kori Sitikame. I have grown all of these in the past and they are excellent for authentic NuMex and Mexican dishes! Aside from the peppers and tomatoes, I also have a solid selection of IMG_4751perennial vegetables that can handle -20 degrees and produce wonderful root crops and spring/summer greens. This would include Skirret root, Good King Henry and Seacale. I am open 7 days a week from around 8 in the morning, until around 7 at night. My stand is self serve, so bring cash or a check book. Happy and productive planting for 2015!


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  1. Will you have all of your heirloom tomatos available this weakend or do I need to wait for the following weekend?

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