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083112_0069I have completed updating the lists of plants I will have available this spring starting around the end of April and running through until the end of May. I will be selling from my roadside stand at 56549 State Road 15. The farm is located about 8/10th of a mile north of US 20 on the west side of the road. I will be open Monday thru Sunday, 8:00am to around 6:00 pm. As usual, it is a self serve stand, although I am usually close by to help with any questions. I only accept checks and cash.

I have added a number of exciting new Heirloom Tomatoes to the offerings this year, like MONOMAKH’S HAT ( Big heart-shaped, raspberry-colored tomatoes named for the diamond-encrusted, coronation crown that Peter the Great and other Russian Tsars wore. From Novosibirsk, Siberia. Very sweet and delicious. ) as well as PANTANO ROMANESCO (A Roman heirloom from Italy. The large fruits are deep red with a purple tint. The flesh is very rich, juicy and flavorful. An excellent choice for home and market gardeners; very rare and delicious); that is just a few. I have also added 8 new heirloom “Black tomatoes” IMG_3160for gardeners to try. Black tomatoes are consistently rich and somewhat complex in their delicious flavor. In total, I will be offering 77 different Heirloom Tomatoes, ranging from Big slicers to Cherry types, as well as a nice collection of Paste Tomatoes.

Also new this season are 12 new Hot Chile Peppers from diverse parts of the globe, like Macedonia and Guatemala. I also have brought back a taste of the Old South West, and am reintroducing 4 hot chiles from New Mexico and Mexico; COCHITI, KORI SITAKAME, NEGRO DE VALLE and a Chiltepine (Wild pepper), SONORAN. In total I will be offering 23 varieties of Hot peppers, 11 varieties of Sweet Peppers and 3 Spice Peppers!

greenhouse plants 1000 by 750These are just a few of the new plants available this spring. Of course there will be a good collection of Cucumbers, Melons, Spring Greens, Herbs and Perennial Vegetable starts. You can see the whole list on my website under Spring Plant Sales. I will also have plants at the Goshen Farmers Market on Saturday’s from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. I am currently there with a collection of some of my seed. Seed is also available at the Maple City Market and the Purple Porch Co-op in South Bend.

Here is hoping for, and planning for a wonderful summer gardening season!

John Sherck



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  1. We normally grow heirloom tomatoes for our own garden and a memorial garden. This year we had repeated failure on the starts from seeds. We suspect aproblem with the starter mix. I need obtain heirloom plants that we can put into our small family greenhouse. I would be happy to drive up as soon as possible. I am originally from Elkhart. I now live and practice in Hartford City.

    I could even come up this weekend or next if that is a possibility. I could use from 40 to 60 plants. We can transplant them in larger pots in our greenhouse into larger pots for the next few weeks until we can plant.

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