Red Ripper Cowpea

red ripperVigna sinensis    63 – 84 days                Cowpeas are also known as Southern peas, field peas, crowder peas, and black eyed-peas. They are commonly grown as a cover crop or compost crop. They are also a valuable food crop. The peas have a creamy texture and distinct flavor. They can be used fresh like shelly beans, boiled, frozen, or canned.  They can be used as a dry pea for soups. The green peas can be roasted like peanuts. I tried this and they were delicious. Scorched seeds can be used as a coffee substitute like roasted okra seeds. Cowpeas, unlike common peas, need warm soil to germinate. Wait until 2 weeks after last frost to plant. Sow 1″ deep and 2″-6″ apart in rows.

These seeds were sent to me from a grower in Tennessee. I grew these in a multi cropping system along with millet, sorghum and corn. They did extremely well and I had no issues with obtaining plump, healthy seed.

Seed Saving: Isolate cowpeas and asparagus beans by 50′ for home use, 150′ for pure seed.

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