Ready For The 2016 Growing Season

IMG_5191I have finally completed all the updates to my website and am ready to take orders, help with questions, and connect with new growers worldwide. This is my 25th year growing plants as a business. In that time I have morphed somewhat; having started with truck-patch farming, took a year off to work on somebody else’s organic farm, tried my hand at flowers for arrangements (which I absolutely adored), added vegetable starts, grew an orchard, (which is now someone else’s orchard), delved into medicinal plants and perennial vegetables, and finally turned my attention to staple crops like grains and dry beans. Four years ago, I stumbled into the place I should have started with:  seeds. I believe I got my cart before the horse, but I am finally here (I think). This website represents the culmination of all that morphing and learning. The truth is, for every 1o things about sustainable agriculture I learn, I realize there is 100 more to figure out. The last three years of operating this website has allowed me to meet new growers in my own backyard, meet growers from across the United States, and meet growers from around the Globe! I never expected that.  With these folks, I have offered my insights and answers to questions, but in truth, I have learned more than I have given. Thank you, customers, acquaintances, and new friends. I am especially happy about all the unexpected packages that have showed up on my doorstep, filled with seed for unexpected varieties that I am slowly growing out and making available.

This season was difficult. Extreme weather, which is no stranger to anyone, anywhere, anymore, created a lot of anxiety during the growing season. In the end, the vast majority of my crops did well and I have bunches of high-quality seed. Some crops were complete failures but they should return again next year ( I have a large freezer filled with samples of all my varieties and “seed to be trialed”, for long term storage, kind of a mini Svalbard Seed Vault).

For 2016 I have a number of new crops like Fastigiata Pin Striped Peanuts, Bere barley IMG_5214(make some Viking Beer!), Wild Pea of Umbria, Gaspe Corn ( a dwarf, super early flint corn grown by the Micmac Indians circa. 1500’s), Julian’s Chile Caballo, rocoto pepper from Guatemala, and a few others. I have also increased my stock of heirloom barley varieties and heirloom soybeans. I am able to offer larger quantities for these important staple crops. There are a few varieties listed as “available soon”; these are still waiting their turn for germination testing. Once complete, they will be available for purchase in a few days.

You will notice some changes in my price structure. Most seed varieties are the same price as last year. Some are the same price but with increased amounts. I have raised the price on a few varieties by 50 cents (this is so I can pay for my Yacht!). I work very hard to keep my offerings affordable. My shipping rate is still a flat $4.50 for all orders.

Thanks for your support!



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  1. MrsP says:

    Seeds arrived in perfect condition. Thanks.

  2. Larry Cipolla says:

    2016 Catalog: do you have a print version? How can I review your entire 2016 catalog?

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