Black Buffalo Barley


Horedum vulgare

buffalo grainheadThis is not a rare cultivar but it is difficult to locate as seed stock. It is a variety commonly found in health food stores. Known for it’s nutty flavor and chewy texture. It is a 2 row, hulless variety with purple to black kernels. I found it to be very similar in stature to Gopal. I would tend to believe that both Black Buffalo and Gopal share a common ancestor, or, quite possibly, Gopal is the ancestor of Black Buffalo. The Black Buffalo had a tendency to lodge during heavy rains. I am not sure what my full assessment of this variety is, given this was a first year trial during an unusually, wet and rainy season (2015). I am offering seed for those who live in an area with less rainfall. I would not recommend Black Buffalo for my region, here in Northern Indiana. This one was probably adapted for areas with less rainfall and humidity.

Update 2017. I grew this out again with similar results as 2015. The grain was good quality  but with lesser yields than the other barley varieties I have grown.

Buffalo barley bed may 25

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  1. Greg Krieger says:

    I grew Black Buffalo this year and found it to be later maturing and much lower yielding than Faust that was growing nearby, about one-fourth as much. Each plant had dozens of tillers but just a few of them produced seed heads. Could this possibly be a winter barley? Or does it need higher fertility or more water? The grain is much darker than Faust and I’m eager to taste it but I just don’t have very much of it.

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