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Ready For The 2016 Growing Season

I have finally completed all the updates to my website and am ready to take orders, help with questions, and connect with new growers worldwide. This is my 25th year growing plants as a business. In that time I have … Continue reading

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Turkey Red Wheat

Triticum aestivum  This is a hard red winter wheat with a unique, rich flavor and excellent baking qualities. Turkey Red is a heritage wheat brought to the US by Mennonite immigrants from Ukraine in the early 1870’s. At one time … Continue reading

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Chinese Mountain Yam

Dioscorea batatas    Also known as cinnamon vine. This variety of wild yam generally produces one large tuber which can be harvested after a couple of years. (I have found them to regularly produce more than one) There is another variety that … Continue reading

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Japanese Mountain Yam

Dioscorea japonica  Another variety of “Wild Mountain Yam”. Very similar to the Chinese Yam, except this variety produces tubers that grow more like sweet potatoes. Instead of growing straight down like the Chinese Yam, these grow more horizontally and are somewhat easier … Continue reading

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Utrecht Blue Wheat

Triticum durum   100 days This Dutch heirloom was grown in the area of Utrecht, Netherlands in the early 1900’s. Today it is usually grown as an ornamental due to the fact that it is difficult to dehull. Tall plants reach … Continue reading

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Red Fife Wheat

Triticum aestivum This is generally listed as a spring growth-habit wheat. I planted my crop in the previous fall and it survived the winter fine. This is a versatile wheat that can work for fall plantings or spring. It is a … Continue reading

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Fastigiata Pin Striped Peanut

This peanut is also known as the “Wild Jungle Peanut”. They are originally from Ecuador. I have had a difficult time tracking down specific, historical information in regards to this variety. I received my initial seed stock from Bakers Creek’s, … Continue reading

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Wild Pea of Umbria

  This rare, wild pea, has been grown in Italy for centuries, and consumed as a staple by local populations. It produces small, speckled peas, which are dark brown, purple, reddish or dark green in color.  The flavor is rich and more like a fava bean than a soup pea. Wild, dry … Continue reading

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Red Ripper Cowpea

Vigna sinensis    63 – 84 days                Cowpeas are also known as Southern peas, field peas, crowder peas, and black eyed-peas. They are commonly grown as a cover crop or compost crop. They are also a valuable food crop. The peas have a … Continue reading

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Gaspe’ Flint Corn Composite

THIS IS A COMPOSITE MIX OF 4 STRAINS OF GASPE’   This rare, 8 row flint corn was grown by the Micmac Tribe of the Canadian Maritimes, and along the North Atlantic Shores. Fields of this corn variety were observed by the … Continue reading

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