Winter Dinkel Spelt

Triticum spelta

winter dinkel 2 1000 by 750This is the common type of Dinkel wheat dating back to the Middle Age’s of Europe. Like, Einkorn, it is another ancestor of the modern wheat varieties we grow today. Winter Dinkel is also known as spelt or “hulled wheat”. I have had good success growing this for 2 seasons in a row. It preformed well this last summer even with the excessive rainfall. The one drawback is that Winter Dinkel is difficult to dehull. I have tried a number of methods with no real success. Specialized equipment does exist but it would be cost prohibitive for a small scale grower. I did learn one interesting possibility from the folks at the BBGS (The Biblical Botanical Garden Society); it was suggested that in ancient times, dry grain with hulls, may have been immersed in water and allowed to swell. The swollen grain would burst the hull and after drying again, the grain could then be easily dehulled and winnowed.

You can broadcast over the soils surface or plant 1/2” deep in rows. This is preferred if you are starting out with a small quantity, hoping to increase your seed stock. The plants harvested in the summer once they begin to dry. The grain stalks are bundled and brought into the drying shed or greenhouse for a few weeks, to further dry, before threshing. Traditionally this “curing” is done in the field by “shocking” the bundled grain, but Indiana summers are notorious for frequent thunderstorms, ( not to mention the excessive humidity ), which could cause mold growth in the seed heads.

Winter Dinkel is sold with the hull intact to improve germination.

winter dinkel 2 1000 by 750

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4 Responses to Winter Dinkel Spelt

  1. Raul Salazar Montgomery says:

    My name is Raul Salazar from Chile im interested in buying a few kg of this Spelta, in there any chance to import to Chile?. Thanks

    • John Sherck says:

      Unfortunately, I do not have any spelt available at this time. I will be growing the Winter Dinkel again this coming fall.
      I will not have seed available in those quantities. I would be willing to ship to you but I can not guarantee delivery.
      Every country has differing laws regarding what can and what can not come into the country. If you can not find a large
      amount, I can only suggest you start with a few grams (14 – 28) and begin growing out and saving seed. You should have 2 or
      3 kg of seed in a couple of seasons.

  2. Harue says:

    hello, do you know when you will have availability of the seeds?
    If not, do you know where I can buy?

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