Welsh Onion

Allium fistulosum                  80 days

welsh onions 2013 1000 by 750An excellent perennial green onion that survives the harshest summer and winter conditions. These do reproduce from seed. Flowers need to be clipped if you don’t want a bed of 100 plants to become 1000. They form clumps which can be divided. Excellent flavor and perfect if you do not mind an green onion with a kick. One of my favorites to eat raw with a little salt!

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4 Responses to Welsh Onion

  1. John Mwangi says:

    Please advise on the spacing required between rows and stem to stem. Any fungicides to apply and when. Also which fertilizer is best when transplanting.

    • John Sherck says:

      Hello John

      I plant in beds with about 6″ between plants. These will form clumps of up to
      8 onions each. When I harvest, I leave one onion to continue growing. I do not
      use ant type of fungicide. I use compost for fertilizer.

      If you don’t want hundreds of little onion plants growing at the base, be sure
      to remove flowers before they ripen and drop their seed.

      John Sherck

  2. Jennifer Youngberg says:

    Should I plant these directly or start them inside?

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