Vegetable Plants at the Goshen Farmers Market

I will be kicking off my plant sales this Saturday, April 26th, at the Goshen Farmers Market. I will IMG_3131have a few flats of spring greens which can be planted anytime. If a frost or freeze threatens you will need to cover to avoid leaf damage, or in the case of lettuce, severe damage or death. These plants have been hardened off and do not mind chilly, windy weather. I also will have a flat of watercress which is extremely easy to grow in pots.

I will be offering a few types of broccoli like Kallian Chinese (similar to raab but with large juicy stalks and buts with a distinct mustardy flavor) and Piricicaba, a real gem from South America. These broccoli varieties are not the type that produces one large head and then get pulled for the compost piles. These heirloom varieties will continue producing an abundance of side shoots for a long harvest season.

IMG_3126  I will also have some Ragged Jack Kale, Perpetual Spinach Beet ( a type of chard that can be eaten fresh like spinach), Horned Asian Mustard and a couple of cabbage varieties including Primo, which is a rare heirloom that produces delicious, sweet green heads even as the summer begins to heat up. In addition I will also have a couple of lettuce varieties that produce well when planted early, Matchless Deer Tongue and Winter Density.

I will still have plenty of seed available, most of which is direct seeded later in the spring. I still have tomato seed available, but the window for starting plants is about to close. I am planting my last tomato plants this weekend. I will have more varieties of veggies for the next weekend and then the heirloom tomato and pepper frenzy begins around Mothers day. I will be opening my roadside stand next Saturday with a Spartan selection of cool weather plants.

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