Kosodiguri Soybean

Glycine max               90 days

kosodiguri 1 1000 by 750Kosodiguri is one of the soybeans I began trialing in 2014. The variety was collected in Japan prior to the 1940’s. It is a determinate with compact plants reaching 30” in height. Reported to be 51% protein and 15% oil. Kosodiguri works well as an edamame or dry bean. It was very easy to thresh by hand and had a small number of splits. Overall good quality. My plants in the 2015 season were only 18″ tall. Low yield due to size of plants. Could be grown closer together than other soybean varieties. This could help with increasing yields. This is by far the earliest of all the soybeans I have trialed, at 85 days to maturity in 2015. I would be curious how it performs in cooler summer conditions (zone 4).

kosodiguri 2 1000 by 750

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