Floriani Flint Corn

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IMG_3886I am amazed that heirloom varieties come and go like clothing fashion. Floriani Flint Corn was all the rage a few years ago. Now it is passe and some new (“old”) heirloom corn will become “all the rage”. I look for varietys not baced on their novelty, but rather their practicality. Floriani is a sure keeper by my estimation. It is one of the richest, best tasting dry corn varieties I have tried. It is an heirloom that made it’s way to the Valsugana Valley of Italy. A traditional variety for making fabulously flavored polenta! I find this red kerneled, flint corn to makes great corn meal and flour for many uses. I recently made a batch of homemade corn flakes using the Floriani, and they were sublime. Floriani is reportedly higher in protein than most other corns as well. The plants grow to about 8′ tall and may require some staking to prevent lodging during heavy rains and/or wind. I have had no problems with disease or insects with this variety.  Plant in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. Direct seed 1″ deep, 12″ to 24″ apart in rows 36″ apart. For good pollination, plant in blocks of 5 rows. Corn is wind pollinated. If you intend on saving your seed you should separate plantings by a minimum of 600′ for home use or 1/2 to 1 mile for absolute purity.

floriani 1 1000 by 750floriani polenta 1000 by 750

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