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Some Thoughts About Our Local Foodshed

I would like to share some ideas regarding our local food production here in Northern Indiana. When I think “local”, I am usually visualizing Elkhart County, but these ideas can be considered for all of Michiana. Northern Indiana is a great place to garden … Continue reading

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A Truck Load of Lime -vs- A Wheelbarrel Full of Compost

I did a little research on our soil types here in Northern Indiana last week. I wanted to find current information on two soil amendments: marl and agricultural lime. Marl is defined as an “earthy deposit of clay and calcium carbonate … Continue reading

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Putting grains to work in your garden

The idea of growing grain in a backyard garden is not something most gardeners would even consider. The common belief that efficient grain production requires large equipment, like combines and tractors, is not altogether right. A sizeable amount of quality, … Continue reading

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