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Fagopyrum esculentumBuckwheat is used extensively as a summer cover crop on our farm. It is easy to establish and matures quickly. There have been years when three crops were grown in succession. Buckwheat readily self sows. If you want to attract honey bees and … Continue reading

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Hard Red Winter Wheat

Triticum aestivum Hard Red Winter Wheat is a modern wheat that has proven itself to be dependable and productive in Northern Indiana. It is considered to be fairly adaptable, and I have never lost a crop to extremely cold temperatures yet (winter-kill). … Continue reading

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Crambe maritime          Perennial Vegetable     Zone 4I have been raising this vegetable for nearly 10 years. It is simply one of the best perennial vegetables you can grow, right up there with asparagus and rhubarb. It is considered a perennial kale and can … Continue reading

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Sium sisarum          Perennial Vegetable     Zone 4 Skirret is a perennial root vegetable that was at one time popular in American and European gardens. The skirret plants are around 4′ tall with white flowers resembling Queen Anne’s Lace. In the fall … Continue reading

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Earth Pea

Lathyrus tuberosus         Perennial     Zone 5-6The Earth Pea, or Aardaker, which means “earth nut” in Dutch, is a perennial vegetable closely related to the perennial sweet-pea flower. It produces small tubers (1″-2″) which can be harvested in the fall or spring. The sweet tubers … Continue reading

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How we grow crops.

I want to take a moment to talk about the methods and techniques we use for growing crops on our property in Bristol, Indiana. I have always thought of myself as an “organic” farmer. Today though, the word “organic” has such a broad application that it is … Continue reading

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Hibiscus cannabinus          120 daysKenaf is grown as a source of fiber for making bags, paper, rope, and cloth. Its leafy greens are also used as a food source for both livestock and humans. Cultivated for more than 3000 years, this … Continue reading

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