We Sell Our Own Locally Grown Seed; Adapted To Northern Gardens


* I do not ship outside the USA, and I do not have quantities available larger than the listed packet sizes.

Welcome to Sherck Seeds. In the past I have strived to grow and offer seed for many different types of staple crops including grains, legumes, oil seed crops and vegetables and perennial vegetables. It has been a wonderful experience but now, as I wrap up my eighth season, I am planning on changing course a bit. I will no longer be offering as many types of seed, rather I am going to be focusing primarily on upland rice. Of all the staple crops I have grown, upland rice is one that has been underrepresented, and more specifically, upland rice varieties suited for growing in cold, temperate climates. I have noticed a real growing interest in this crop and feel that it needs to be, like wheat, barley, legumes, etc., more widely available with a broad and diverse collection of varieties for growers to choose from. This season I have trialled out 31 new varieties of rice, most of which are true upland types. Some of these will be available in November for the 2021 growing season.

Another reason for cutting back on being a “seed business” is my desire to spend more time working with folks here in my immediate community. This was my main driving purpose when I started Sherck Seeds, and has been somewhat neglected as I dove head first into the world of rare and endangered heritage crops. I do not regret all the seasons spent locating and trialling these unique varieties but it is time for me to put some of this seed to work here in my community.

Many of the heritage wheat varieties for fall planting will also continue to be available. I will continue working closely with my friend and fellow “seed steward” Kevin Payne from Southern California to help in growing out and maintaining those varieties that are better suited to his region (mild winters, hot and arid summers). Any specific seed variety I offer that has been grown by Kevin is listed in that varieties description. All other seed has been grown by me here on my farm in Northern Indiana. I still have a great interest in wheat from the Republic of Georgia, and will continue trials in the coming years.

While a large percentage of the varieties that I have offered in the past will no longer be available for sale on this website, I will be maintaining them with periodic grow outs. Specifically varieties that are not available from other sources. I also maintain what I call my mini Svalbard seed vault, a chest freezer in my basement filled with samples of every crop I have ever grown and saved seed from. The information regarding each of these crops will still be available on this website. I have converted every past crop page into a archived post.

This website is not intended as a resource for survivalists anticipating a global apocalypse. There is no quick and easy way to be self-sufficient or sustainable. My vision is one of a long-term and generous commitment of time, labor, and interest in learning to grow well,img_7582 and to grow an abundance of nutritious, healthy food. I also periodically post information on what I have learned about growing, harvesting, storing, saving seed, and of course, cooking with  these crops. I try to share simple and inexpensive methods to accomplish these goals.  I strongly support the “free exchange” of seeds, with no proprietary notions of exclusivity or patented ownership. In addition to selling seed (which covers the basic expenses of operating the farm), I also frequently share and swap seed with individuals engaged in efforts to secure biodiversity and traditional farming practices. Learning to save, select and adapt your own seed is crucial to the future of food security here in Indiana and across the globe.