Kwintus Pole Bean

Phaseolus vulgaris          55-60 dayskwintus1 1000 by 750I have been growing and selling Kwintus pole beans for a number of years. I have had many, very positive comments about this variety. They are an Italian Romano type pole bean (stringless) with a unique, incredible flavor. Very productive and best of all they stay tender and delicious even as the beans become quite large on the plant (up to 10″ long). This is a great advantage for busy gardeners who sometimes forget to keep all their young beans picked. Kwintus is also a very early maturing bean and will continue to bear over a long period.  They work well as a greenhouse or high-house variety. The vigorous vines can grow to a height of 6′-9′. Plant in  spring after all danger of frost has passed. Plant 1″ deep and 2″-6″ apart in well-drained soil. They require full sun. They also work well in a three-sisters planting system, using the corn stalks for the trellis. Possibly the best fresh-eating bean I have ever tasted.Seed Saving: Isolate from other Phaseolus vulgaris varieties 25′ for home use and 100′-150′ for pure seed.

Kwintus in mid-summer

Kwintus in mid-summer

Pods reaching maturity

Pods reaching maturity

Dry Kwintus pods

Dry Kwintus pods

Kwintus Pole Bean
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  1. Ann Gregg says:

    Wish to order 1 lb of Kwintus Bean seeds for my home garden. What is the price”

  2. Judy Adams says:

    Would like to order Kwintus pole bean seeds.

  3. Nancy Heinecke says:

    Would like to order some seed for Kwintus bean. Will you have stock for 2017 summer growing season? The pack of 40 seeds would be sufficient for me. Thanks, Nancy.

  4. Dave Flynn says:

    Do you have kwintas bean seeds for sale now-June 2017? How can I order?

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