Hulless Spring Oats

Avena nuda               100 days

hulless oats BG 1 1000 by 750This variety of Spring oats is much easier to de-hull than most standard oats which are typically grown in the North as a nurse crop or for animal feed and straw. It is an excellent eating variety and good for rolling or as cut oats. Oats are the highest in protein and the lowest in carbohydrates of all the cereal grains. it also produces a large amount of dry biomass for the compost pile. This variety grows around 4′ tall and is benefited by support from a trellis and twine system around the periphery of the bed to discourage lodging. I broadcast the grain onto the beds surface and lightly chop in using a heavy rake. They like more water than most cereal grains and prefer cool growing conditions. I start my oats in early April and harvest in the middle of July. Spacing for the seed should be approx. 5″ apart. Spring oats will not survive temperatures below 10 degrees F.

We routinely run these through a small hand-crank flaker to make incredible fresh oat meal. I purchased my flaker online from The Whole Truth (

hulless oats 2 1000 by 750dry oats 1000 by 750
Hulless Spring Oats
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  1. Amy says:

    Do you have any of the hulless spring oats and bere barley available for purchase? Thanks so much!

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