Main Season Slicing Tomatoes


 These plants will be available at our road-side stand this May


ARKANSAS TRAVELER (pre 1900 Heirloom from the South)

Indeterminate, 89 days. Known to produce delicious tomatoes under conditions of drought and extreme heat. Good disease resistance. Medium sized pink fruits with a wonderful flavor.

BLACK ELEPHANT (French Heirloom)

A early, black variety from France. Fruit are round to irregular in shape, medium to large in size with a deep purple-pink color. This variety has finely flavored flesh that is well balanced and fairly sweet.

BLACK GIANT Big, purple-black fruit are a favorite of seed collectors, who rave about this one’s fantastic flavor! The dark, globe fruit weigh 6-14 oz and are borne on highly productive vines that start producing fairly early. These have a wonderful taste; the perfect blend of acid and sugars makes this one really stand out; highly delicious!


BRANDYWINE (American Heirloom)brandy 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 80 days. The original Brandywine was introduced by Johnson and Stokes Seed Company in 1889 from seed they had received from a customer in Ohio. Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Large vines produce deep red 8–12 oz. Fruits. Excellent flavor and fairly productive.


CARBON 90 days. These have won taste awards coast to coast in the last few years. The fruit are large and smooth. Carbon is one of the darkest and prettiest of the purple types. The flavor is complex and very delicious!


CRNKOVIC YUGOSLAVIAN   (Yugoslavian Heirloom)crnkovic 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 70–90 days. Heavy yields of pink beefsteaks. Fruits weigh up to one pound. Near perfect shoulders and fruits rarely crack. Delicious, full tomato flavor. I had great success growing these the last two seasons. They performed well through hot dry weather in 2012, and a very wet early season in 2013. Sparse foliage and benefits with a little afternoon shade.


COSMONAUT VOLKOV  (USSR Heirloom)cosmo 2013 1000 by 750

Semi-determinate, 72 days. Developed in the Ukraine in the 1960’s. Named after the Russian Cosmonaut, Commander Volkov who was killed upon returning to the Earth in his Soyuz capsule. Red 6–8 oz fruits are exceptional in flavor, quality, consistency and productivity. Rich, sweet and tangy. This is my personal favorite!


DELICIOUS (American Heirloom)delicious 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 80–90 days. Classic “improved” beefsteak type. A very large, red slicing tomato. The worlds record for the largest tomato was a Delicious. Fairly uniform, meaty and flavorful with a small seed cavity.


DJENA LEE’S GOLDEN GIRL   (American, Family Heirloom 1920’s)

Indeterminate, 80 days. Won first prize at the Chicago Fair 10 years in a row. Beautiful, golden-orange 8 oz fruits. Delicious with a rich balanced flavor.


DRUZBA   (Bulgarian Heirloom)druzba 1000 by 750

Semi-determinate, 75 days. Excellent juicy sweet flavor. Red, 5–8 oz fruits are very uniform and productive. Resists cracking, foliage disease and blossom-end rot. Druzba means “friendship”.


EMMY   (Transylvanian Heirloom)emmy 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 90 days. This tomato was brought to the US by a refugee who fled Romania after WW2. Medium sized, orange-yellow fruits with an intense tomato flavor. Not low acid.


HUGHS   (Heirloom from Madison County, Indiana 1940)hughs 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 80–90 days. Meaty yellow fruits with a sweet delicious flavor! I was very impressed with this variety in my 2013 trials. Very tasty and fairly productive for a large tomato. It is a beefsteak type that is late maturing and has some disease resistance.


HUNGARIAN HEART  (Hungarian Heirloom)

Indeterminate, 85 days. Said to have originated in a village 20 miles south of Budapest around 1900. Offered in SSE in 1988. Huge pink ox-heart fruits weigh upwards of on pound. Very few seeds and almost no cracking. Superb for fresh eating, canning and especially “roasted-tomato” sauce.


ITALIAN HEIRLOOM italian heirloom2 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 70-80 days. Plants are loaded with fruits weighing a pound or more. Excellent full flavored tomato. Consistent and very early in my opinion. Easy to peel but has somewhat of a hollow core. Ideal for fresh eating as well as being superb for sauce and salsa. I rate this the best sauce tomato I have grown in our region of Northern Indiana.



Indeterminate, 75 days. Unusual, pear shaped 4-6 oz fruits. Deep brownish-purple color with green shoulders and a wonderful, rich complex flavor. Very productive and resists cracking. I found these to be great addition to homemade tomato sauce; alone or blended with other tomatoes.


KANNER HOELL   (German Heirloom)

Indeterminate, mid-season. Donated to SSE by Reverend C. Frank Morrow of Minnesota. Variety originally from Germany and has been in his family since 1916. Large red fruits up to 1-1 ½ pound. Excellent for fresh eating and canning.


KOLB kolb 1000 by 750 

Indeterminate, 85 days. Originally from Kolb Greenhouse in Storm Lake Iowa. Good yields of one pound pink beefsteak tomatoes with a rich tomato flavor. I am still impressed with this variety. The plants are not huge and easy to manage. It has consistently fruited for me in extreme weather conditions. Works well in a container.


LADY LUCY  ( American Heirloom from Nantahla Forest in Georgia)

Indeterminate, 85 days. Potato leaf variety which produces reddish-pink fruits weighing up to 12 oz. Sweet with an acidy zing! Good for fresh eating and canning.


MALACHITE BOX “Malakhitovaya Shkatulka “ (Russian)

70 days. The translated name means “Malachite Box,” named after the lovely green boxes that are made from this mineral that comes from the Ural mountains. This early tomato has light olive green skin and bright green flesh that is very flavorful. Medium sized fruits. Plants are productive in the north, as this variety was developed at Svetlana Farm in Russia, and it has been tested in Siberia!


MONOMAKH’S HAT (Heirloom from Russia)

Big heart-shaped, raspberry-colored tomatoes named for the diamond-encrusted, coronation crown that Peter the Great and other Russian Tsars wore. From Novosibirsk, Siberia. Very sweet and delicious.


MOUNTAIN PRINCESS   (Heirloom from West Virginia)

Determinate, 68 days. From the Monongahela National Forest Region of WV. Productive and early. Produces smooth round red fruit weighing 4-6 oz. Does well in cool seasons. Very firm fruits.


MULE TEAM muleteam 1000 by 750 

Indeterminate, 86 days. A workhorse tomato that delivers well long into the season. Uniform red fruit weighing 8-10 oz. Sweet with a slight amount of tang. The fruits are usually defect free and very solid. Great variety for canning. Very productive.



Determinate, 67 days. Developed and released to SSE in 1999 from the University of Florida. This variety was bred to withstand heat and have a resistance to bacterial wilt. Recommended for growers in hot and humid regions with rainy summers. The summer of 2013 here in Northern IN makes this variety worth trialing. 4 oz red fruits grow in clusters on vines.


OXHEART   (American Heirloom)

Indeterminate, 88 days. Similar to meaty “ponderosa” types except for the distinct shape. Can be heavy yielding and produces extra large, pink 1-2 lb fruits. Firm, meaty and few seeds with a mild sweet flavor.


PANTANO ROMANESCO (Italian Heirloom)

A Roman heirloom from Italy. The large fruits are deep red with a purple tint. The flesh is very rich, juicy and flavorful. An excellent choice for home and market gardeners; very rare and delicious.


PAUL ROBESON   (Russian Heirloom)paul robeson1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 74 days. Named after Paul Robeson, performer of “Old Man River”, and advocate of equal rights for African Americans. He was well loved world wide and especially in Communist Russia. The fruits are a dusky, dark reddish-brown with dark green shoulders. 6-8 oz fruits with exceptional flavor. One of my personal favorites.


PEG’S ROUND ORANGE   (Family Heirloom from Cox Creek, KY)pegs round orange 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 90 days. Disease resistant plants yield 7 oz orange tomatoes which are sweet and low acid. Very good flavor and can be productive if the fall does not cool to early.


PERSIMMON   (American Heirloom 1800’s)persommon 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 80 days. One of the best tasting orange tomatoes. Healthy vines produce beefsteak sized fruits with few blemishes. Vigorous plants can produce fruits weighing up to 2 lbs early in the season.



A classic yellow beefsteak type. The fruit are very large, slightly flattened and ribbed. They are bright yellow with superb flavor and thick flesh. Very productive!


PINEAPPLE   (American Heirloom)pineapple2 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 80-90 days. Huge, meaty tomatoes with a sweet, mild flavor. Reddish-orange and yellow swirled color. Tolerates heat as well as cool evenings. Drought tolerant as well as being cold hardy, with fruits continuing to ripen after light frosts at the end of the season. Resistant to blossom-end rot. Pick when the shoulders are still green for best flavor.



Indeterminate, 80 days. It has been a while since I offered this variety. It was one of the very first heirloom tomatoes I grew back in the early 90’s. The story behind this tomato goes as follows; back in the 1930’s in Logan West Virginia a gentleman named M.C. Byles had an radiator repair shop. Utilizing classic plant breeding techniques he created this variety after a number of years. He then started selling the plants in the 1940’s for $1.00 per plant (expensive for those days). Within 6 years he made $6,000 and paid off the mortgage on his house. These can be quite large (up to 2 ½ pounds) The fruits are pinkish-red, meaty, delicious and with few seeds. An absolute classic heirloom! Requires a really strong staking system.



78 days. Large, fairly uniform and crack-resistant fruits are purplish-brown with darker streaks in the flesh. Earlier than most other “black” types. Richly flavored! It has that complexity of taste that black tomatoes are known for. Considered to be one of the best-tasting tomatoes. Introduced by in the 1990s by Joe Bratka, who received seeds via his great-aunt who lived in Germany


SBIRSKI SKOROSPELY   (Russian Heirloom)sbirski skorospely 1000 by 750

Semi-determinate, mid-season. I grew this variety out for the fist time in 2013. The production was good and the fruits were very tasty. Red, slightly flattened 3-6 oz fruits. Fairly early.


SOLDACKI   (Polish Heirloom)soldack2 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 75-80 days. Brought from Krakow, Poland to Cleveland OH around 1900. Probably by way of Ellis Island. Large pink beefsteak fruits weighing up to one pound. Firm meaty flesh with a thin skin. Susceptible to cracking. Low acid with a very delicious flavor!



70-85 days. Seed sent to Baker’s Creek in the late 1990’s by Iraqi seed collector, Aziz Nail. Medium-sized fruit are red, and flattened in shape. Delicious flavor that is excellent fresh or dried. A recent addition to the world of heirloom tomatoes.



Indeterminate, 80 days. Developed by the University of Florida. This is an exceptionally disease resistant variety. Recommended for hot and humid areas. Sweet, 8-9 oz red fruits are thick walled and develop up under the canopy of foliage protecting them from sun scald. Works well as a field tomato as well as greenhouse production.


VORLON (Bulgarian)

A beautiful purple-black tomato that is very large with dark flesh. It is full of the rich, complex flavor that makes dark varieties a favorite. Named for the Vorlons, a fictional alien race. Baker’s Creek states that Vorlon was one of the best tasting of their introductions in 2014.


White Wonder   (Heirloom possibly bred from White Apple, pre-1860)white wonder 1000 by 750

One of the varieties chosen for Alice Water’s famous restaurant. The Chez Panisse. Medium sized fruits ripen to a creamy white. The fruits are sweet and mild flavored.



YELLOW BRANDYWINE   (Indiana Heirloom)yellow brandywine

Indeterminate, 76 days. Same great flavor as the pink Brandywine. Large, slightly ribbed yellow beefsteaks are sweet and tangy. Large, potato leaf foliage provides good protection from sunscald. Large, vigorous vines.


ZARNITSA (Russian Heirloom)zarnitsa 1000 by 750

Short-determinate, 60 days. Seed collected from a region 60 km south of Moscow. An early bearing variety with small, 2” by 2 1/2” red fruit. I first grew this tomato in 2012 and was very impressed with the flavor, very sweet and balanced. I did have some cracking issues but I think the flavor makes it well worth trying. Sparse foliage. Could do well in a pot on a porch with a little afternoon shade.